As a dynamic food enterprise, we grow nutritious produce & operate a food hub of sustainable producers.

We thrive in providing fresh, wholesome & ethical food through our FarmBox home-delivery service & farmers market stalls on the Sunshine Coast.

We serve, inspire & educate our customers as a means to empower our local food community.

At Shambhala Farm we grow nutrient-rich produce with natural farming methods.  We are proud to practice beyond organic methods, although not organically certified.  Our farming practices are based in strong soil & ecological health to ensure vital life force in our produce.  Compost is the lifeblood of Shambhala Farm.   

As local farmers, we have joy & pride knowing our wider community are nourished by the produce we’ve lovingly grown.  Growing food isn’t always predictable however and sometimes a situation arises preventing us from providing our farm-grown produce.  In this case and for those crops we simply don’t grow, we source produce from other sustainable producers to meet the needs of our customers & in support of other local sustainable growers.      


Our land produces nutrient-rich leafy green vegetables and herbs in 10 acres of fertile soils in Doonan, in the Noosa Hinterland, 10km from Noosa.  Our climate is typically sub-tropical, high rainfall in the warmer months, and surrounded by native forest of Paperbark and Piccabeen palm.  

Throughout the year we harvest up to 50 varieties of leafy greens and vegetables including kale, silverbeet, asian greens, baby spinach, rocket, basil, mint, sage, lettuce, beetroot, capsicum, eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, citrus, pumpkin, sweetcorn, broccoli, carrots, radish, kohlrabi, banana, papaya, and shallots.


Joining with other local growers has been a powerful move to share real wholesome food  – building community, resilience and diverse fresh food.

The Shambhala Farm Sustainable Food Hub brings you produce and groceries from primarily local producers.  Many of the growers and producers supplying our food hub are family enterprises with a shared vision for sharing fresh and nutritious food for everyday.

For you to know more about the people who grow your food, this page will be updated with profiles of our Sustainable Food Hub producers.


The Shambhala Farm team consists of approximately a dozen or so Sunshine Coast locals who love the land & love spreading sustainable food through the community.  We’re a capable & proactive bunch who enjoy a good laugh while working with focus & quality.


Shambhala Farm was established as a family farm in 2011 by Craig Hubbard and Jemma Edwards, who are devoted parents and yoga teachers who have a passion for growing wholesome food.  

The farm has been established with the collective efforts/laughs/tears/shared meals of many volunteers and the endurance of a family driven to give their children a wholesome lifestyle in connection with the land, fed by nutrient-rich food and ultimately a better future.  

With so much food being produced that doesn’t look after the land or the farming community – unfair and unethical in many ways, propelled by agribusiness – and that doesn’t provide optimal nutrition to consumers, Shambhala Farm came about as a step toward something more real, more wholesome, more ethical.

Based upon the ancient shambhala vision of the timeless, changeless and basic goodness of spirit in all, Shambhala Farm originated to inspire people – consumers and farmers alike – to live simpler, more wholesome and sustainable lives.   Over the years, Shambhala Farm has found a great following at local Sunshine Coast farmers markets, supplying locals with weekly organic produce.

The opportunity to support other local growers and producers and collectively sell local sustainable produce through our stalls and FarmBoxes became a natural progression to develop a wider community of producers and artisanal grocery producers.  

Our FarmBox home delivery service developed to extend the reach of real wholesome food around the entire Sunshine Coast region.