Buying Policy

Buying Policy

You are here because you want real wholesome food, nourishing food that sustains the health of us, our families & the blessed earth from which it’s all grown.  We’re grateful to be with you heading in the same direction.  

We’ve stepped out of the business-as-usual system to contribute the change we all wish to see in the world – nutrient-rich food, healthy land and farmers, and delighted consumers and community.

Our Sustainable Food Hub brings together nutritious food based on three key principles.


Local food is fresher, packed with more nutrition, it’s seasonal to the climate where we live, and it supports local economies and community connection.

When Shambhala Farm haven’t grown the produce, we source as local as possible from our community of farmers, producers and suppliers based within 5 hours drive of the Sunshine Coast.

Being farmers ourselves, we’re certainly aware of the vulnerabilities of weather impacts and seasonal variations.  For these reasons we do source from growers further afield for sustainable produce and products not readily accessible in our local catchment.

That said, most produce and producers are locally based in our regional community helping us access diverse quality food all year round.


Produce available from Shambhala Farm is grown with a variety of sustainable methods using principles of ecology and biological controls that replenish soils & are ethical, responsible & practical.  Shambhala Farm have always supported sustainable agricultural methods – holistic & regenerative farming.  Growing with these methods allows nature to be the key farmer in the growing process.  The main sustainable methods for produce provided by Shambhala Farm Sustainable Food Hub are briefly described.

Certified Organic-

Organic certification means produce has been grown by a method, largely chemical-free, approved by an organic certifying body.  Some of the main Australian groups are ACO, NASAA & Demeter.  Certified organic does not necessarily mean spray-free – applications of certain approved ‘naturally based’ sprays are allowed as part of the production process.

Ecologically Produced-

Many farmers grow ‘organically’ but do not carry certification; these growers go ‘beyond-organic’, caring for earth and people factors in a deeper way.  Farming is demanding & usually farmers don’t have spare time & finances to maintain strict record-keeping required to prove their methods.  For this reason, we support sustainable & regenerative growers without certification.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)-

IPM manages ‘pest’ plants & animals by knowing their lifecycle & interaction with the environment, taking appropriate action at the right time to reduce nuisance.  IPM works with nature’s rhythms, allowing pest prevention & control to be energy-efficient & effective.


Biodynamic production works with soil fertility, plant growth & livestock care as ecologically interrelated tasks.  It includes working with nature’s rhythms to help get the most abundant growth & harvest, & emphasises use of manures & compost.

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