Produce & Groceries


Farmers are the life-blood of every community.  They nurture our food so our food nurtures us.  We especially believe in food that is nutrient-rich, and grown in active & alive soil.

The produce at our farmer’s market stalls & in our weekly home-delivered FarmBoxes is from our own family farm in the Noosa Hinterland, & from a bevy of passionate growers supplying to our Sustainable Food Hub from the Sunshine Coast, South East Queensland & beyond.

We’re grateful to know many of our growers, and we specifically & exclusively supply from growers who practice sustainable, holistic & regenerative farming practices.  Much of the produce provided to our Sustainable Food Hub is local - from family farms in the South East Queensland & Northern New South Wales region.  When we’re not able to supply food from local & sustainable growers, we go further afield.


Sustainable groceries created by passionate locals.  Artisanal food full of flavour & nutrition, suitable for diverse diets.

Belonging to the lush food bowl of South East Queensland, we Sunshine Coasters are blessed with variety and quality for nourishing locally-made stables week-to-week.  And also those from further afield.

Shambhala Farm’s food hub brings together your favourite groceries each week - real wholesome fresh products packed and delivered to your door every week.

  • Sourdough bread with sprouted and ancient grains.
  • Organic milk, cream and eggs.
  • Locally-roasted organic coffee.  
  • Gourmet cheeses.
  • Coconut oil, water and cream.
  • Olives and olive oil.
  • Fresh sprouts and tempeh.
  • Sauerkraut and other fermented foods.  
  • Honey and nut-butters.
  • Wholesome ready-made-meals.  
  • Handmade soaps and eco-cleaning products.
  • Paleo and gluten-free friendly sweets.
  • Chutneys, pickles and dressings.
  • Plus a whole bunch more!

Groceries are available with your weekly convenient, customisable & home-delivered FarmBox.  

Combine your groceries with Shambhala Farm’s preset boxes or your choice of fruit and vegetable.

Set-up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly standing order, personalised to replenish your panty stores at just the right time.   

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